At the heart of almost every sufficiently massive galaxy, there is a black hole whose gravitational field, although very intense, affects only a small region around the centre of the galaxy. Even though these objects are thousands of millions of times smaller than their host galaxies, our current view is that the Universe can be … Read more

Black Holes Are Strange Sure But White Holes Are Mind-Blowing

White holes are black ones in reverse, spewing out matter– and they could give us our first glimpse of the quantum source of space-time. In the textbooks, Gravitation and Cosmology, Nobel prizewinning physicist Steven Weinberg wrote that the existence of black holes “very hypothetical”, there is no [black hole] in the gravitational field of any … Read more

A Black Hole’s Mass

There are no scales for weighing black holes. Yet astrophysicists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have devised a new way for indirectly measuring the mass of a black hole, while also confirming its existence. They tested the new method, reported in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Active galactic nuclei … Read more

Sizes of Black Holes

Black holes are singularities, points of infinitely small volume with infinite density. Such incredibly compact objects cause infinite curvature in the fabric of spacetime. Everything that falls into a black hole is sucked toward the singularity. At some distance away from the singularity, the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light, which is called “the … Read more

First Ever Image Of Black Hole

An utterly, wonderous achievement. Astronomers using the Event Horizon Telescope have taken the first ever photograph of a black hole. Here’s the story, about a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein gave us a new description of the force of gravity in which gravity exerts its influence through warps and curves in the fabric of space … Read more

Let’s Understand Black Hole

Black holes are among the most fascinating objects in our universe and also the most mysterious. A black hole is a region in space where the force of gravity is so strong not even light the fastest known entity in our universe can escape.  The boundary of A black hole is called the event horizon a point of no return beyond which … Read more

Quantum Transfiguration of Kruskal Black Holes

Our first glimpses into the physics that exist near the centre of a black hole are being made possible using “loop quantum gravity”—a theory that uses quantum mechanics to extend gravitational physics beyond Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Loop quantum gravity, originated at Penn State and subsequently developed by a large number of scientists worldwide, … Read more

Detection Of Coronal Magnetic Activity In Nearby Active Supermassive Black Holes

Researchers from RIKEN and JAXA have used observations from the ALMA radio observatory located in northern Chile and managed by an international consortium including the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) to measure, for the first time, the strength of magnetic fields near two supermassive black holes at the centers of an important type of … Read more

Gravitational Red-shift Phenomenon Passed Black Hole Test

A key prediction of Albert Einstein’s ideas “Gravitational Redshift” phenomenon proofed to be correct after observing a cluster of stars near the hole at the centre of our galaxy. Gravitational redshift or Einstein shift is the process by which electromagnetic radiation originating from a source that is in a gravitational field is reduced in frequency, … Read more

Let’s Understand Wormholes

Whether it’s Star Trek, Stargate or Babylon 5 wormholes have been showing up in science fiction for a long time. They are just a super convenient tunnel to another part of the universe, a way for sci-fi writers to send their characters across huge distances in the blink of an eye. And it turns out that they are not … Read more

Let’s Understand White Holes

White holes are almost definitely not a real thing that can be found in nature. In theory, white holes are black holes that are going backwards. In theory. A black hole, as you know, is a giant object that sucks stuff into a singularity – a single point of infinite density – from which there is no escape. So a white … Read more