Our Nearest Cosmic Neighbor | Moon

It’s been 46 years since the sixth and final man manned moon mission launched the Apollo 17 mission on  7th December 1972, Which landed on 11th December 1972 with astronauts Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt. Their three-day mission was to explore the moon and to take iconic pictures test equipment and ride around on a … Read more

Jupiter’s Red Spot is Shrinking | What Could Happen If Jupiter’s Red Spot Disappear?

The weather on earth can be unpredictable but it pales in comparison to the cataclysms unfolding on other planets in our solar system. Venus, for example, is uniquely hellish, The hottest planet in our solar system is surrounded by clouds made up of sulfur dioxide that hold droplets of sulfuric acid. Meanwhile, Mars has experienced dust storms that engulf … Read more

Problem With Wireless Display

Remember What a big deals cordless phones were in the 80s and 90s. Well, it was not too long before engineers expanded this untethering idea to other gadgets. So nowadays we got 2.4 gigahertz gaming headsets and Bluetooth Christmas lights and enough LTE signals flying through the air to make any passing extraterrestrials thank that we can … Read more

Rutherford’s Alpha particle scattering Experiment

Rutherford’s Alpha() Particle Scattering                         The theory of rutherford’s  particle scattering is based on the  Following Assumption:- The entire charge and almost entire mass of the atom is concentrated in a single core of the atom is called nucleus and is surrounded by Negatively(-) charged electron clouds. The particle … Read more