Our Nearest Cosmic Neighbor | Moon

It’s been 46 years since the sixth and final man manned moon mission launched the Apollo 17 mission on  7th December 1972, Which landed on 11th December 1972 with astronauts Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt. Their three-day mission was to explore the moon and to take iconic pictures test equipment and ride around on a lunar rover. 

Well, it’s been 46 years, but don’t we are back in near future. NASA, European Space Agency, China National Space Administration, Indian Space Research Organisation are planning for more and more missions to the Moon, Mars and to asteroids also, which is a totally crazy idea. Well, Harrison Schmitt said we should skip the asteroid and go right to the moon, maybe we should listen to him you know he has been there. Then there are private space companies that all want to go to the moon.

Here the question is why? What is the big deal about the moon?

Let me tell you from a purely business perspective the moon can offer varieties of advantages and resources in an unimagined amount.  Asteroid brings rare minerals to earth but they burnt up in our atmosphere.  The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere so it’s gone have more of those rare minerals things with fancy names like Platinum, Titanium, Iron or Helium-3( which is found in vast quantity in the moon, but extremely rare here on earth and which could be used to make cleaner better nuclear fusion,). One cool thing about the moon’s microgravity would be great for seniors with no joint pain bouncing around having a great old time.  

There are so many things we don’t know about what’s up there but the things that we know are really exciting because it’s like the tip of the Iceberg. The resources are just there waiting for us to go get them, so let’s start a moon rush. The moon could be a base of operations to explore the lunar structure visit passing asteroids or lunch future mission to Mars and you know beyond not to mention though no atmosphere means better view for telescopes. Sometimes you just need to get out of your house to look around to really see things for what they are. 

Inspirationally there is no greater drive than exploration. Space exploration in the 1960s  brought us a whole generation scientist and engineers dreaming of jetpacks and flying cars in the city of tomorrow and all of that came from exploring space and the moon. 

There is a company in Colorado, run by former NASA managers, that is offering to take anyone who can pay to the lunar surface. So far 25 countries have signed up for this and those who could afford the 1.5 billion dollar price tag.

So what are you thinking? huh? Go and work hard to buy a ticket for the moon to explore the unimaginable, before it became common to spend vacation out there. 

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