Most Galaxies Spiral-Shaped,Why?

When you think of the Milky Way, you probably picture that familiar spiral shape we all have come to know and love. That spiral structure is very common for galaxies, Over three-quarters of the one’s we have observed, are in this pinwheel shape. Our own galaxy is actually in a subgroup called barred spiral galaxies. But … Read more


We often look up to stars and feel peace, but stars are actually insanely turbulent and chaotic celestial things and we use that chaos to learn more about how our universe works. We have known of stars eating other stars, witnessed stellar flares and white dwarves on the verge of a supernova. But we have … Read more

AI | How AI Learn

When a newborn baby enters the world as a clean slate He/She learn and develop to be an adult. Babies have an innate knowledge that helps them to voraciously learn and rapidly adapt. But that’s not what AI does. In case of AI, it’s machine learning. That’s when a computer learns everything it needs to know … Read more