Do We Need Large Computer Cases Anymore?

The ATX standard that’s so common for the motherboards came out all the way back in 1995 and while modern ones have become packed with features, our technology back then was so primitive that we needed sound chips networking drive controllers etc.that often required separate adapter cards. Drives these days don’t need as much space anymore both because single drives are much higher capacity than they were 20 years ago and also because physically smaller SSDs have taken off in popularity.

Well believe it or not there are still a number of reasons that you might want to consider an impressively big size case. If you are building a powerful rig that needs more components, like using your computer as a home server such as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) for storing videos or as a big-time editing workstation a PC can require multiple high capacity hard drives, especially if you are using a raid array to backup your work or to speed up your performance. Video footage tends to take up lots of space and bulky hard drives do hold more footage more cheaply than smaller SSDs and more drives mean you might need more Drive headers to connect them too,. Which will mean a higher end motherboard with more of them built-in or more likely an inexpensive add-in cards that have an extra header on it.

But what if you are not video editing or running a server? Well even though many smaller cases can hold up to two graphics cards no problems, you might still consider a bigger case if you still need to add more adapter cards such as a sound card, a video capture card, PCI Express, SSDs or legacy i/o cards that can add older-style ports to a new system for old devices you still like to use.

Scientific instruments are notorious for this and even if none of this applies to you, you still may have components that run hot and a larger case may be able to help you cool things off. The large cases not only will give you more room for both air and water cooling accessories like pumps radiators and fans they can provide more breathing space for your components especially if you are a tinkerer and you are into overclocking your CPU or GPU. On the subject of cooling, larger cases usually offer more flexibility in terms of how you configure them with some of them allowing you to relocate components like pimps or drive cages in a matter of minutes.

Well, everything apart, There are two main straightforward reasons. One, the large case gives you more space to work in making building and upgrading easier and to aesthetics. Some people just like the look of an imposing beefy case. Second, you will get more room to trick it out with RGB fans, custom lighting or even fancy designs etched onto the side panel.

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