Third Generation Serial Advanced Technology Attachment Interface AKA SATA 3

Today we will tell you about everything you need to know about Third Generation Serial Advanced Technology Attachment Interface AKA SATA 3. Do you know that SATA3 technically not the correct name for third-generation SATA drive this can cause some confusion especially because the second generation interface operated at 3 gigabits per second, so SATA 3 refers to the data rate or the generation? Most people think of it terms of the generation, so if you use it that way people will generally know what you are talking about.

Determining if your storage device supports SATA 3 is easy all you got to do is check for a large SATA 3 label on the box or check the manufactures website or in the cases of things like motherboards you can look for the little label on the PCB itself. finally, if you are having trouble with that or if you have a laptop where you can’t see it clearly you can download HW info for free and find out what speed your  SATA ports are running at. 

Installing  SATA 3 devices is simple all you got to do is power down your computer plug the power and the serial ATA data cable into the drive and the PC itself and you are ready to go. You don’t even need to worry too much about what generation of SATA device you have because if they are not all SATA 3 it might be a little bit slower but the standards are forward and backwards compatible. So the device will work together.

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