The Astronauts Who Will Fly The First Missions Into Space On Commercially Provided Rockets And Capsules

In 2018, The nine individuals will go to ISS on systems developed by the Boeing and SpaceX firms. It is for the first time the astronauts will fly into space on commercially provided rockets and capsules.

Those Nine are Victor Glover, Robert Behnken, Michael Hopkins, Douglas Hurley, Eric Boe, Sunita Williams, Christopher Ferguson, Josh Cassada and Nicole Mann.

The commander on the historic last shuttle mission, Chris Ferguson, is now a Boeing employee and has been heavily involved in developing the company’s CST-100 Starliner capsule. Douglas Hurley was the pilot on the last shuttle mission. Robert Behnken has been in space on two previous occasions and Suni Williams is one of the most experienced American astronauts in history, who have spent a cumulative 321 days in orbit through her career.  Eric Boe is a former shuttle pilot. Victor Glover, Michael Hopkins, Josh Cassada and Nicole Mann are well trained for their first step into space. We hope their mission will be a historic one.

NASA has worked closely with the companies throughout design, development and testing to ensure the systems meet its safety and performance requirements. The initial crewed flights by Boeing and SpaceX will spend a short period in orbit measured perhaps in days or a few weeks and then they will be attached to the International Space Station (ISS) before coming back to Earth.

Nasa’s motive behind such initiative was to save money then spend on a rocket and capsule system to take humans back to the Moon and on to Mars. Well, it seems like it is working and we hope best for their upcoming mission.

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