How living In Space May Have Changed Scott Kelly’s Body

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after 340-day-long stay aboard the International Space Station. It’s the longest amount of time an American astronaut has lived in space, says NASA. The extended stay was part of the space agency’s One-Year Mission, an experiment to see how long-term spaceflight changes the human body. Living for months … Read more

How Trilobites Extinct?

The Fossils of Trilobites are probably most recognisable Fossils in the world. Flat segmented bodies bristling with antennae and legs. When we think of life in the ancient sea they were everywhere. But Trilobites are famous not just because of their so beautiful functional or because they happened to preserve so well. They are known … Read more

Improve Your Brain Power

 First, we will play a memory game with you through which you will understand how properly do you see your brain, and how much do you utilize your brain the game is very simple.I will be giving you 10 different words you need to read it once very carefully and have to remember it. If … Read more